Feature ~ PhotogStrapper ~ Andrea Dozier

Boots She's Wearing: Air Force wife, mom to two growing boys, wedding photographer, visionary of lovely settings.


Andrea is the perfect person for this launch of 2011 features. Not only have I been eyeing her work for months, but her view of her work and her life is a great lesson for all of us strappers.

With a life full of boys, both her Hubby and sons, it is hard to imagine how she has the time and energy to be so prolific in her art. When I thought of her, I conjured images of a stereotypical mom in sweats, stirring the pot, answering the phone, handing out backpacks, and doing laundry with an unnatural number of limbs. Andrea dispels all of this this!! She explains that while multitasking definitely happens sometimes, she tries to remain fully absorbed in each task, taking time for each of her loves - Hubby, boys and work. She hires assistants when necessary to ensure her product remains top notch. To keep her family in focus, she keeps her business a "boutique," not striving to grow beyond what she can handle.

As we all spending time reevaluating our goals and practices, we can learn from Andrea. We don't have to be THE best in our field, at the expense of everything else we love. We can "have it all" if we put it all in focus, give it the time it deserves, and move on when time is up.

Contact Her:
Website ~ AndreaDozier.com
Twitter ~ @AndreaDozier
Facebook ~ Andrea Dozier Photography


  1. Tiff, it is such an honor to know a military wife so devoted to inspiring & encouraging us to chase our dreams! Thank you so much for your kind post!

  2. Inspiring words about an inspiring lady. Great post!