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Boots She's Wearing: Army wife, Mom of one boy and one girl, Candle designer


I absolutely can't get enough of the creativity of military spouses. Alicia is another fabulous example of a spouse unwilling to settle. She wanted a career that would travel with her. She wanted to keep her little ones with her during the day. And she wanted to have FUN.

Thus was born ABCD candles.

ABCD is full of soy candles, as well as lip balms and potpourris. As a military brat, mom always made sure our home smelled like home and I'm sure these products will keep your house, wherever you PCS, a home!

And seriously, how yummy do they look! I could eat them with a spoon.

What I love the most about this shop is the joy that exudes. Alicia loves designing new scents and packaging materials. She loves working from home with her kids at her feet and loves owning her own shop.

Just another reminder that Military life doesn't need to limit your career. With a dash of creativity, you can have FUN in this life!

Website ~ www.abcdcandles.com
Facebook ~ Facebook.com/ABCDCandles

Happy Strapping! -Tiffany

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