Back to Basics

Happy New Year!!

I've done a lot of revamping my business, including redoing my website I've rebranded my business concept, telling company and organization stories online and offline.

In this way, I've gone back to the heart of my career. If you haven't heard my story, I started my career as a journalist- a reporter at a small town newspaper. It was a great gig. It was hard to find a job in that small town... Let alone a job that would teach me so much.

In getting back to that storytelling, I've also given myself a challenge. I am choosing a theme per week and writing about it. Writing short stories, writing poetry, writing essays, just writing. Some of these may turn out to be something I submit or share with you all... But for now, it is all for me. Returning back the basics of my art.

Have your recentered yourself around your art? Do you do personal projects to remind yourself why you do this work?

Happy Storytelling! -Tiffany

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