Inspiration All Around

Strangest Places I Get Inspiration

I've heard that Einstein used to get his ideas while shaving and whether it's true or not, I understand it. There is something about shaving, brushing teeth or just listening to the water fall that let's me really hone in on one thought.
The next time there are too many voices, lock yourself in the bathroom, turn on the water and think.

My kitchen is a triangle shape, tucked into one side of my house, with low lights. It's always warm. Being in there feels like a culinary hug. There's something about it that feels like life.
The next time you feel confused about what are creating and why, turn on the oven and dig your hands into some meatloaf or a bowl of veggies.

I'm not much of a gym rat. The inspiration to go are like the tides, but when I do go, I appreciate the loud music, the sweat, the struggled breath. I feel like I work out certain frustrations and clear room for ideas.
The next time an idea feels stuck, throw your tennis shoes on and work out some space.

I'm a complete homebody, but being out and about forces my cozy self out into a world of needs, wants, solutions and problems.
If your world is crumbling down around your ideas, toss yourself out into the world and let your mind explore.

Where do you get inspiration?


  1. I get inspiration in the bath tub, you are right the soothing sound of water w/ nobody bothering me is where I can think the clearest:) Great post!

  2. I can definitely identify with the car and gym ideas, especially when driving home from college (or vice versa). The routine allows my mind to drift to other things.
    Walks also help in the inspiration department. Being able to relax and enjoy nature usually inspires me.