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Boots She's Wearing: Navy wife, little one's momma, craft lover and handmade gift obsessor. 


I "met" Theresa on Etsy a few weeks ago. It was quite accidental... I found her on Alchemy searching for something that our shop happens to offer. The uncanny part was that we have a lot in common. It was actually a little weird.

As we got to know each other over email, and shared lots of "you did that" or "you're in that" moments, I became so intrigued with her designs. She has an eclectic style, that brings me such comfort, since I tend to be a bit scattered. Here are a couple of her cards:
Happy Birthday!

{Inside: You can! Way to go, Mom.}

Her concepts are so great: gifts that are so useful and so heart-warming. Definitely go check out her store and her blog. And don't be afraid to get to know people... you never know! :)


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