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Boots They're Wearing: A Couple aviator wives and their mommas.

This is such a fun story to share. It's the story of two shops.
Both co-owned by mother and daughter teams.
Mrs_Flyboy (as she's known online) and her mom opened their etsy shop,
Blue Bird Crafting, a couple years ago. They make the perfect team -
her mom creates beautiful quilted products,
while Mrs_Flyboy markets and runs the technological side of the business.
They bounce ideas off each other and choose styles together.
Mrs_Flyboy promotes while her mom sews.

Their shop gives them all the benefits of business,
including a unique bond between the two of them.

SilverSmiths is an etsy shop my momma and I set up.
My mom raised me designing gifts and home accents...
making every place our military life brought us
a home.
Wanting to share that with the world,
we opened our shop a month ago.
We split the roles fairly evenly. We both create.
I'm probably stronger on the promotion side, but
my mom, an Active Duty Coastie spouse, is right there too.
What I love about these stories
is the strength of the women behind them.
Mrs_Flyboy and I are military spouses
who juggle all the emotions and responsibilities of that
and our shops and businesses.
We are inspired by our mommas,
who have unending talent.
We may be independent spouses,
but at the end of the day,
we wanna be just like mom.

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