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Boots She's Wearing: Mom to two busy boys and one adored baby girl. Little one chaser. Air Force Wife. Contact PCSer. Mom and Dad much of the time. Dreamer. Creative crafter in her corner of the world.


One of my favorite parts of featuring Strappers is hearing about their big dreams and innovative visions. Most often strappers come to be strappers because they have a goal. Something they want to BE. It's more than whipping together some products. They feel and dream and think about and talk about and live their businesses. 

Jen is no exception. I knew there was something driven and quirky about Jen when I saw this on her Etsy shop:
That's when I knew she is a Strapper. I mean really... how cute is that! And who thinks of that? Jen does. Jen has two rowdy boys and a girl and was driven to find them stylish, cute, sometimes frilly (for the girl) outfits and realized it was easier and cheaper to do them herself. (How Strapping!) At the prodding of her ever-supportive husband, she opened her shop just over three years ago and has reached almost 1,000 sales. The key to her success? Vision. She knows the kind of shop owner she wants to be, whether it's brick and mortar in the future or online during her crazy Air Force life. Her dreams ooze from the words she shares. Each paragraph I read from my interview with her dripped with passion, vision and courage.

All just a day in the life of a Milspouse Strapper!

Etsy ~ Etsy.com/shop/JensCraftCorner
Facebook ~ Jen's Craft Corner

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