Feature ~ PhotogStrapper ~ Liisa Roberts

Boots She's Wearing: Navy wife, cutie boy momma, Marketing and Advertising mogul, fashion and landscape photographer, capturer of every sweet moment with her loves.

Strappage:Liisa embraces the constant moving that military life brings by getting out there and capturing the landscape and culture of every place they land. She finds joy in the fact that she can see herself and her son in every picture she takes, as he is always in tow. In her photography career, Liisa has found a way to maintain her sense of self, translating her advertising career into one of freelance fashion photography, while holding her family together through deployments and moves. There're no excuses oozing from this woman. Throwing a camera over her shoulder and her son on her back, she hikes through military life with a sense of determination and purpose.
Email ~ info@liisaroberts.com

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