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Boots She's Wearing: The Driver, The Cook, The Homemaker - in a word, Her Family's Rock; a home decor designer, lotion creator, candle and soap maker, etsy shop owner, Etsy Homefront Team Leader

Hearing Deb's story is like getting a shot of motivation! Her day starts as the sun rises and doesn't end until well after it sets - and she loves it like that. Deb left the corporate world a few years ago because she had more to give her family and her career. She creates a line soy candles, soaps, lotions and sweet pillows - all while being the go-to girl of her home, when her husband deploys and her kids need her even more. She has a scheduled routine that compacts her workday into the hours her kids are at school so she can focus on dinner and homework when they get home. See... aren't you motivated too?


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