How To Feel At Home In Your Office

As military spouses, we often live and work in a new space every few months and years. When I think of home, I am always reminded of my Midwest background and San Francisco Bay Area love story. Bringing elements of these memories into my office helps that space where I spend most of my time feel like home. Here are some more ideas for bringing your home into your office, wherever you live. 
1) Pictures
At my first reporting job, I had a sweet, little, windowless office. Having just left the Bay Area, I was missing the ocean. At a local discount store, I found an enormous picture of the beach. It went on my large empty wall. Every time I missed home, turn looked "out my window" and took a five minute break. 

My current office is full of pictures of my family, husband and military family. Having them around me feels like a visual hug. I also have a couple art pieces that capture scandinavian whimsy, that remind me of my heart's home. 

2) Storage
My designer friend, Alli, says the best way to bring home into your office is through storage spaces. A simple bookshelf or wall shelves above your desk will clean up your space and will serve as a canvas for some home-y items. In addition to your work manuals, set a few of your favorite books there too.

3) Decorations
Alli recommends updating your shelves with each change of the season. This doesn't mean you have to hit Target for the latest every month. Check out your attic. Why does home decor have to be relegated to other rooms of the house. Hang garland and ornaments from your shelf. Pick flowers from your garden and display them in the summer.

4) Practical Items
Office design doesn't have to mean signing over your next check to office supply stores. Look around your home for items that bring a smile to your face. Keep your pencils in a favorite mug or pint glass. Snap papers together with favorite snap-on barrettes. My walls are currently covered in fabric swatches that warm my heart. Whatever makes you feel at home. 

5) Smell
Surround yourself in wafts of aroma. Plumeria and Gardenia scents are my favorite in the summer. Childhood years spent in Hawaii will always make me partial to those. In the fall and winter, I need spicy and piney. Get the right scent for you, close your eyes and take a trip home, no matter where your office has been plopped.

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  1. Great article, it puts me in the mood to add a few cozy details to my home tonight! Starting with #5...