Feature ~ DesignStrapper ~ Tehlia

Boots she's wearing: Army Wife, Dinner Preparer and Reheater when the Army has other plans, Housewife determined to make things for herself, Small Business Owner, aspiring Vegetarian and Green reformer in a camo world.

Tehlia has the kind of story I love to hear about! After moving to their current duty station, Tehlia decided she wanted to try the stay at home housewife thing, but it wasn't long before she got itchy. Looking for a natural laundry soap and crocheting various products for herself and for gifts, she combined her love for an organic lifestyle and creating lovely things and opened her Etsy shop. Tehlia sells one of a kind scarves, an all natural laundry detergent and cloths for use in homes, spas and anywhere you need a cute, natural, washable cloth ~ as well as other cute products. For cozy gifts that feel like home, check out Tehlia!


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