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Boots She's Filling:
Military Wife. Recipe tester. Menu planner. Small business owner. Foodie.

I haven't met Kate personally (yet), but I really hope to someday. In fact, I secretly wish we were in a squadron together so she can bring her yummies to wives' events. At any rate, I really think I would like Kate because her idea for her small business truly exemplifies the Strapper Spirit. She says on her website that she would love to own a restaurant or bakery, but because of the ever-changing nature of our lives, settling down just isn't going to happen. Instead of giving up on her dreams, she created a business, Kate's Thoughts for Food, that brings customized menus to her customers. You can sign up for a single meal, or a whole month of meals. Based on your preferences and needs, Kate will design a menu, with recipes, for each meal. Grocery shopping and cooking will never be difficult again! And how brilliant is this for military families in particular. When the toddler needs to eat at 5 before the fit, the grade schooler needs to eat at 7 after the game and your spouse needs to eat at 11 after duty. Forget ordering a pizza. Just look at your customized menu and pull together a personalized, healthy meal for everyone!

Twitter: @KThoughts4Food

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