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Boots She's Wearing: Seneca is a mom, Apache wife pilot, and CEO. And creator of one of the best ideas for military spouses ~ Hero on my Arm

Hero on my Arm creates handbags from your uniforms. You send in a uniform, any uniform ~ and they make a handbag, of your choice from a variety of designs. Now I realize that now everyone is one of "those wives." (Although there are so many options, so I think just about anyone would be satisfied.) If you're not, think about those heirlooms from grandparents or those who have passed on. It's such a unique way to use those uniforms. I bought my mom and inlaws (both milspouses) a gift card for Mother's Day last year. They loved being able to choose a uniform from their hubby's collection and choose the bag of their choice. Now I'm scouring through our flight suit collection trying to decide if I want to join them.

Website ~ heroonmyarm.com
Twitter ~ Heroonmyarm

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  1. I just found your blog, and I wanted to say how cool I think this idea for a blog is! Looking forward to future posts. :)