Deep Breath

I'm not good at taking a break. It's ridiculous. I run myself into the ground, forgetting that rest is the nutrition I need to be a better worker. The problem is that the Navy demands so much from my husband that I strive to stay up with him... work as many hours, get just as much done. Forgetting of course that the laundry, dishes, meals and general house maintenance take a toll on me too. A text message from a friend yesterday, bidding us to the beach, was just what I needed. I stepped away from my computer, rearranged my plans and vowed to get back to work on an actual work day. I couldn't believe how ready I was to get back to the grind, having a day to just breathe.

Speaking of deep breaths, I have taken a breather from this blog, but want to get back to it. I'd like to share more about the unique concerns of milspouse entrepreneurs. I also plan to make it easier to scroll through the fabulous list of businesses we have gathered so far. I am always looking for more, so please send me an email if you know of a strapping business! What other features would you like to see? What other information are you just dying to read?

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I think this is the greatest idea for a blog! And I left you an award on my blog :) Hopefully it'll send some traffic your way!