Military Spouse Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is such a fascinating concept. I mean it makes sense. How often, when sitting in your little cubicle, processing paperwork, databases and emails, do you actually see your boss? I've heard of companies even using Skype or iChat to talk with one another all within the same building. If you are going to email paperwork and documents anyway, does it really matter how far they go? There is not a charge on the distance a digital document travels. (Reminds me of a favorite line of Hubby's from Family Guy "What are we paying by the laser now?") Why not hire someone, who is already accustomed to balancing life, work, puking babies and hungry hubbies? Why not sign on an employee who is used to varying schedules? Why not contract with someone who is looking for a career and a paycheck, not necessarily benefits and health insurance? In other words, military spouses fit the bill perfectly.

I guess, people are taking notice too. Military Spouse Virtual Assistance is a directory of virtual assistances who are... you guessed it, Virtual Assistants. They also offer trainings for military spouses at a whole host of bases.

Anyone have experience with this organization, these trainings or work as a virtual assistant?

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