Virtual Reality

I love to watch Friends. It's how I unwind at the very, very end of the day. I also love to watch the Office. I love sitcoms of all kinds, really, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, the other day my husband and I joked that I have "virtual friends" and a "virtual office." A double play on words. The sad part is he was right, and he wasn't even talking about my actual virtual friends on twitter and my actual virtual office, consisting of various Google Docs hanging out online. I realized that the saddest part is my virtual coworkers. For instance, my computer. I adore my aging iBook. Truly adore. I spend more time with it than anyone really. I'm not necessarily loyal to this one, though. I would have no problem upgrading to an iPad. It's just the machine itself. I adore the tapping of the keys. I love getting in a groove while writing and feeling the slight pushback of each key. I love the glow of the screen, beckoning me to create and discover. I love all the opportunities the computer brings my day. I would enjoy a fab old typewriter, but I love my sweet friend. Who is your virtual coworker?

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