Feature ~ HomeStrapper ~ Cara Durnin

Boots She's Wearing:
Navy Wife. Momma to the sweetest lab(s). Cystic fibrosis fighter and fundraiser. Realtor in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

Cara brings passion to everything she does. It's amazingly inspiring. She's like the piped piper of the Navy spouse, Cystic Fibrosis worlds. She attracts people like a magnet and has an amazing way of getting people on board her programs.
In her latest venture, she has brought the passion for making homes out of houses everytime we have to move. She redid, upgraded and home-anized her 80 year old house while her hubby was deployed last year, and I have no doubt that any one looking for a home will find direction and guidance in the keen eye of Cara. She's just fab!

Email~ caradurnin@williamewood.com

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  1. We love you Cara! Can't wait to hear about your successes as a Realtor!