Feature ~ FreelanceStrapper ~ Molly Blake

Boots She's Wearing: Marine Corps aviator wife, supermom and role model to two daughters, Blue Star Families volunteer and advocate, newspaper columnist, freelance writer

Molly Blake, a freelance writer, exudes the "embrace it" philosophy I so adore in military spouse strappers. Instead of letting her Marine aviator's job get in her way, she has used the opportunities to build a life and career for herself. She even met her hubby doing what she loves - writing. Having worked for newspapers, reporting and writing, (where have I heard this story before), she has taken her passion for hte military life and experience in the newsroom into her own freelance career, writing for Blue Star Families, local newspapers around the country and other venues. Thank you, Molly, for embracing the military life and inspiring me along the way!

Email ~ molly@mollyblake.com

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