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Boots She's Wearing: (Semi)Retired Spanish Teacher, Quintessential Navy wifey, Adorable blogger, Artist


Lindsay's the kind of online presence you wish you knew in real life. Her blog, art, tweets all make me smile. Her story does the same. Like so many military wives I know, she spent a lot of time questioning whether to start her business. She knew she loved art, but weighed the options of a business for months. Could she do it? Was it worth the investment? Would people want her work?
The answer, from herself and her blog family, was a resounding yes. And thank goodness she did! Just look at the type of work she offers on her Etsy shop.

Lindsay's story should serve as a reminder to all of us strappers, dreamstrappers, potentialstrappers and otherwise. Sometimes military life drops into our laps opportunities we wouldn't otherwise consider. Sometimes it can feel like this life is stripping us of our original ideas, but if we are willing to take a chance on ourselves and our abilities, beautiful things can happen.


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