Feature ~ LegalStrapper ~ Kris Canaday

Boots She's Wearing: Wife to a career Coastie, Marine Corps Brat, Freelance Paralegal/Legal Analyst


Kris has worked as a paralegal and legal analyst in various places. As the story often goes, her husband's career brought them to some rural locations, lacking many legal job openings. In these small towns, Kris found attorneys in need of administrative, research, document preparation and other legal support. Instead of sitting at home, waiting for the perfect job, Kris created it for herself. She started a virtual, freelance legal business. She fills in the gaps attorneys find themselves in and fills her days with the work she loves. The attorneys businesses grow as Kris' does. At the risk of sounding cliché, everyone wins. Kris is eager to share her business with others and let military spouses know that just because they have move, even into rural areas, doesn't mean they have to give up a career. With some technology and an awareness of local needs, anyone can create a powerful business.

Website ~ www.paralegalsvcs4attys.com
LinkedIn ~ KrisCanaday
Twitter ~ ParalglSvc4Atty
Email ~ kris@paralegalsvcs4attys.com

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