Feature ~ TravelStrapper ~ Erica Pena-Vest

Boots She's Wearing: Wife to a Naval Aviator, her little boys' personal concierge, travel expert and consultant, editor and writer, PR specialist, committed volunteer


Erica is one of the most excited people I have talked to, although she should be one of the most exhausted. As a former public relations consultant and unsaturated lover of travel, Erica decided to bring her passion home. She set up an online travel resource for military members and families, full of discounts, tips and advice. She launched GuidetoMilitaryTravel.com in October of 2009 and has facilitated its exponential growth. She features experiences and thoughts from six travel writers and will launch Military Travel Talk Radio in October 2010, which will feature a destination and giveaway every other week. Erica uses her knowledge and experiences as a Navy spouse, traveling the world, to make her readers' travel easier and cheaper.

Twitter ~ Military_Travel

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