The Myths

We strappers know the work and time that we have to put into our business. We know that we wake up early and stay up late to finish the latest project. We know how serious our work is. We know how important our clients are. We know how we have to set aside family and personal time, just to stop the work from taking over our lives.

Unfortunately, the reality is the technology that allows us to strap on our own business and make things happen from home is relatively new. We are professionals, but we are at home. We love that if our hubby or babies have crises, we can swoop in and be their heroes, while balancing our business, at the same time. However, that flexibility tends to attract others in need... Those who need a carpooler, a babysitter, etc. I love the advice in this article from the New York Times. Telecommuter Sylvia Marino says she doesn't tell people where her office is, at her home. What are your techniques for keeping your job professional?

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