Tick Tock...

"Hmmm, I wonder what normal working hours are like," I mused while folding laundry. I was hurrying through a load so I could get a little work done, post-dinner, pre-hubby coming home. From the day I married my husband, he has not had normal working hours. He not only has worked long hours, but they could start WAY before the sun comes up and end way after. Sometimes both. Sometimes one extreme or the other. Usually some mixture of these throughout the week.

As such, I've adjusted my own schedule to flow alongside. I usually work late into the night, if that's what he's doing. And I gladly sleep in if he's doing that. I've considered sticking to regular working hours, but then I would see my husband awake. He's cute when he's asleep, sure, but he's much more engaging when he's awake.

But still I wonder... what would it be like to KNOW we'll be having dinner at 6 p.m. tonight.

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