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This is something I have needed for a long time. A very long time. I use another great product called scrivener for manuscript preparation which I love a lot. It definitely helps organize my chapters and paragraphs. The problem with that program is two-fold. One, it doesn't have any ambiance to pull me in. In fact, I quickly get itchy to move on to the next task. More importantly, it doesn't take over my screen. Simply, put I can't escape from my own desire to check facebook. I have tried reward methods wherein I only get to check any social networking site after a certain goal is made. OmmWriter fixes both these problems. It takes over my screen and speakers, with a lovely, appealing atmosphere.I want to sit here in this technology-driven world that if I imagine hard enough is plopped right in the middle of my dearest fantasy world. The music mixed with the snowy white background, combined with the drippy sounds of each keyboard touch is, frankly, compelling. I really don't mind spending time in this world. It's as relaxing as my indulgent Friends episodes, with a glass of wine, next to the fire. And that's saying a lot because watching Friends at the end of the day is precisely how I prefer to relax.

I want to expand on these keyboard sounds for a moment. I have always found the tippity-tap of quick keyboarding to be both soothing and energizing. The choices of keyboard sounds offered by OmmWriter are equally lovely. They combine with the physical sound of the keys to make the most satifactory little kerplunks everytime a key is pressed. It's almost riveting. It certainly makes me want to write just one more word, add just one more letter. Frankly, it keeps me going.

All in all, I highly recommend this product for any Strappers who need to devote time for any writing project, especially those that may be hi-jacked by one, now two, or maybe three looks at Facebook.


Ommwriter from Herraiz Soto on Vimeo.

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