Calling All Strappers... Baby Showers

This is a new feature on Our Own Bootstraps. Once a week, I will post a call out to all Strappers, in search of a particular item or service. I will list the request. And you all are welcome to list your website and how you can fulfill this service. For instance, if I need a homecoming photographer in Seattle, and you had a photography company in the area, you could post your interest, by commenting with your website and a sentence about your abilities or experiences.

This by no means is a contract or a guarantee of sale. I, nor anyone else putting out a call, are under obligation to purchase your product or service. I also am not guaranteeing the quality of service you will receive from these business owners. This is simply an avenue for us military spouses to support our fellow spouses.

I also maintain the right to delete any comments I feel are off topic, offensive or irrelevant. As always.
With all that being said, here is the first call!

- I am putting on a baby shower soon and I would love some items or ideas. Do you have the perfect favor, game, decoration or gift? Leave a comment below with your website and one sentence explaining how you can help.

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