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Boots She's Filling:
Navy Wife; Adoring Mommy to two sweet little boys; Passionate photographer

Ever since we got stationed in our second mutual duty station, and I learned of her amazing photography talent, Christene has humbled me with her natural talent and hard work. Her ability to build her business from scratch was the inspiration behind my current obsession with entrepreneurial military spouses. It took me a few minutes to decide which picture to share with you all (and secretly considered showing off my own homecoming pics which could not be more romantic), but then I restumbled upon this-

This is actually a picture of one of my dearest Navy friends, without whom... well there is no without. She helped make my experience as a new Navy wife, fresh to the fleet, what it was. She and her Hubby exemplify adoration and the picture couldn't capture the joy they share any better. So that's about it. Christene has found a way to gather the lovely bits of this crazy Navy life and turn them into works of art. If you happen to live nearby (currently Hampton Roads, Virginia), I recommend contacting her. If not, just go hang out on her site. You'll be inspired.

Email~ christene@csphotopro.com


  1. Christene is so talented and so are you Tiff! Thanks for the shout out:)

  2. You are so sweet Tiff! Thank you for the blog shout out!