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Boot's She's Filling:
Bringing all her experiences to the betterment of her friends and family; Mommying the spunkiest little Monkey; Creating toys and accessories that are a real "hoot!"

Patty has been a great friend for years now and she just keeps surprising me! We have all kinds of random little things in common... which is part of what keeps surprising me. You voted for him? You wrote that? You watch that too? We were all surprised one day when she announced she had opened an Etsy shop, but in true Patty fashion, it ROCKS! Patty makes the sweetest stuffed animals and wall decor. Perfect for any little room! I can't wait to see what she surprises with us next!

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  1. Such cute little birds!! I will have to make a few more pj bottoms before I can handle things like birds and planes:)