We got a treadmill last week. I wasn't one-hundred percent sure how it was going to work out for us. Certainly, it was easy to convince myself and my hubby to spend the money, although we went with a very low-price version. We weren't ready to make a huge, debilitating investment. It was still an investment, don't get me wrong, but we were able to talk ourselves and our budget into a certain price and we found one that fit. It finally arrived last week and I've been suspicious of it ever since. "So Buddy, how will you fit into our lives? How long do ya plan to stick around?"

However, I've been very happy with the little guy. I started jogging on the day after we set it up. And I've used it every morning since - because I can. See, every morning, I roll out of bed, start my day, and it stares at me. The clock reminds me that a half hour won't ruin my day. The refrigerator reminds me that I can eat at my desk. My flexible schedule gets my legs moving on that treadmill.

Soon, my legs are burning and I don't think I can finish. Indeed, I think it may be impossible this morning. I mean I could yesterday, but today... well today isn't looking great.

And that, my friend, that is why I keep running every morning. Because despite the pain and despite the nausea at times, I always finish. And that feeling is a RUSH that flows right into my work, because honestly, that's why I work. I hate feeling like I can't finish, but I love the accomplishment on the other end. Inevitably, that feeling of impossibility always comes. Yesterday I could, Today I can't. And so I do.
What keeps you pumped?
Do you ever feel like its impossible?
I'm developing a philosophy that
Strappers might have an underlying
love for taking on a challenge and conquering it.
Am I right?

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